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2022 Correctional Officer In-Service Training

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August 23th -25th, 2022                                             Jefferson County Fairgrounds Cambridge Learning Center

                                                                                          2606 W. Burlington Avenue Fairfield, IA 52556

September  27th – 29th, 2022                               Greater Burlington Partnership River Place Park,

                                                                                         610 N. 4th Street Burlington, IA 52601 (Winegard Board Rm)

October 24th – 26th, 2022                                      Southern Iowa Mental Health Center

                                                                                       1527 Albia Road  Ottumwa, IA 52501

November 8th – 10th, 2022                                    Albia Country Club

                                                                                       300 N Country Club Road  Albia, IA 52531


December 6th - 8th, 2022                                     Mt. Pleasant Civic Center

                                                                                      307 E Monroe  Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641


Who Should Attend:              

Employees who have completed the 40 Hour Basic Jailer Training are required to complete 20 hours of in-service training annually. These sessions will provide the 20 hours required.


There is no charge for this training program. Meals, lodging, mileage and other expenses are the responsibility of attendees or their agency.


Class Size:                             

A minimum of 15 participants is desired or the session may be dropped. The maximum number of participants will be 35 - 50 depending on the classroom size.



Pre-registration is required by July 30th 2022


Course Title:  Civil Liability/Legal Review          

Instructor:  Lucas Helling                                                                                         

Topics covered will include cultural diversity, implicit bias, constitutional rights of inmates and affirmative duty to intervene/intercede.

Course Title: Office of Ombudsman                   

Instructor:  Eleena Mitchell

This course will define the Office of Ombudsman as an independent official, judge or referee whose job is to receive and investigate complaints made by individuals against abuses or capricious acts of public officials. Ombudsman makes recommendations to resolve complaints that are found justified.  This course will discuss constitutional rights of inmates, grievance and disciplinary procedures and incidents regarding use of force in the jail setting.

Course Title: Suicide Prevention & Awareness

Instructor:  Kristen Helm

The focus of this workshop is to increase participants understanding of the complex nature of suicide, while providing practical tools for identifying and responding to inmates who are at risk of suicide.

Topics covered in this workshop include: identifying risk factors, recognizing and responding to warning signs associated with suicide, identifying protector factors for reducing the risk of suicide and strategies for prevention of suicide in correctional facilities. Self-care of correctional officers will also be discussed during the workshop.

Course Title: PREA                                          

Instructors:  Carrie Folkerts and Shelli Tedrow

Topics of this refresher course will focus on the Zero Tolerance Policy, Dynamics of Sexual Abuse in Detention, Detecting Signs of Sexual Abuse, Handling Disclosures of Abuse, Common Reactions to Abuse and Responding to Victimized Inmates

Course Title: Human Relations and Communication Skills, Medical Screening at Intake, Supervision of Inmates and Recognizing Symptoms of Mental Health.                              

Instructor:  Christina Estes

Topics covered in this course includes:  Trauma Informed Care for First Responders looks at the term “mental health”, and how it affects emotional, psychological, and social well-being.            The first responder learns to think about interactions through TIC when in a situation. Protective factors are developed by creating a Personal Self-Care Plan with resources that encourage, assist, and provide support for the First Responder on a daily basis.  Psychostimulants: The Vital Information for Iowa's Front -Line   Participants will learn what psychostimulants are and how they impact brain activity and look at legal and illegal forms and the misuse potential and its impact on the community as well as effects in a jail setting.  Stigma Associated with Substance Use Disorder  Helps participants recognize three types of stigmas associated with people that have a substance use disorder (SUD). They will be able to identify common perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors that promote or constitute stigma. They will gain a working knowledge of the problems and consequences caused by stigma, and identify specific population strategies to engage for stigma change.


Course Title:  Bloodborne Pathogens              

Instructor:  Shelli Tedrow

This vital program helps correctional staff keep dangerous bloodborne diseases locked away. It explains bloodborne diseases, transmission, and exposure control plan.


Course Title: Restraint Class          

Instructors: Captain Christian Boyer and Captain Dan Koller

This is a class that focuses on the following:  General Handcuffing Guidelines, Handcuffing History, Handcuffing Dangers, Trial and Error Lessons, Handcuff Nomenclature, Hinged, Rigid, Chain-Link and Disposable Handcuffs, Care and Maintenance of Handcuffs, Resistance and Control Management, Recognizing the Threat, Principles of Balance, Movement, Center and Reaction Time, Handcuffing a Subject in a Standing Handcuffing, Handcuffing a Subject in a Kneeling Position Handcuffing a Subject in a Prone Position, Resistance and Disengaging, Properly Removing Handcuffs and Proper Searching Techniques.

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